Radiator Valves & Accessories

As well as an extensive range of column radiators, we also stock a wide range of accessories to complement your column radiator. The most obvious and most important are the radiator valves for your column radiator.


These are split into two main categories which are traditional and contemporary, which allows  for a choice to suit the setting and the style you looking to achieve. You can learn more about what type of radiator valves you will need in our column radiators buyers guide or you can call our sales team, who will be happy to talk you through your needs.

After the valves, the next most popular accessory is our pipe sleeve, as known as a radiator pipe shroud. These cover the copper or plastic pipes that feed the hot water into your radiator, giving a seamless finish between the floor or wall where the pipe work comes from, right into your radiator.

We stock radiator valves and pipe sleeves in a wide range of finishes which include white, black, chrome, brushed nickel, polished nickel, black nickel, pewter, anthracite, polished brass, un-lacquered brass, antique brass, old English brass and antique copper.

Other accessories you might want to consider are feet for column radiators. We have both slip-on and cast feet.

Although all of our radiators are supplied with wall brackets as standard, we also carry a range of wall stays and radiator retainers if required. Other useful accessories that you might want or require for your column radiator installation are; radiator valve extensions, useful when you don't want to move pipe work coming through a finished floor; adapters where you might be connecting to very old pipe work that is not the standard modern day size; radiator air-vents, for a sleek contemporary finish or ornate traditional look and finally, system additives to protect your heating system.