multicolumn radiators

Multicolumn Radiators

Choose between 2,3 or 4 column radiators

Multicolumn radiators have 2 or more columns across the depth of the radiator. These columns hold heated water and allow air to pass between the hot columns creating more surface area to heat the surrounding air.

Multicolumn radiators are more stylish than traditional flat-panel aluminium radiators, the increased airflow heats the room for longer. They typically provide a higher heat output.

The depth of column radiators increases as the column count increases, as such the most popular multicolumn radiators are the 2 or 3 column radiators.

Our multicolumn radiators are constructed from mild steel and are available in 18 colours. All column radiators are available in standard sizes from 300mm - 3000mm in height and 159mm - 2426mm wide.