Infinity White Column Radiators

Made of mild steel, the Infinity White range of column radiators is incredibly versatile, whether you have standard sized rooms, large, small or quirky unusual spaces, there will be an Infinity White to match. With 3,800 size combinations from 162mm to 1,864mm in width and 190mm to 3,000mm in height, you won’t be disappointed.

There are five depths available too, so the Infinity White is great in spaces limited for width, like hallways, or in grand, large spaces that need heating efficiently and need high heat output, with the largest size capable of delivering a huge 82,960 BTU at ΔT60. The depths are defined by the amount of columns you want, either two, three, four, five or six, making them ideal for a complete house radiator re-fit, including your bathroom.

Made in Italy to the highest quality and available in either horizontal or vertical orientations, the radiators from the Infinity range are supplied with discreet wall mountings, slip on feet are also available for two, three, and four column radiators should they be required. This stylish range of column radiators radiator has a full 5 year warranty. There is also a full range of accessories to match your new radiator including valves and pipe sleeve kits.