Classic Raw Column Radiators

As with all our own brand bare metal radiators at Column Radiators 4u, the Classic Raw column radiator has tough lacquer top coat to protect the metal from rusting and to highlight the features of these beautiful designer radiators.

As with our own brand bare metal radiators this range is made for us by a top Italian manufacturer and comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty and well as all the back up and customer service that comes from us as a company, as standard.

We stock the full range of Raw Classics in the UK, delivery is free and your new radiators are normally delivered within one or two days.

If you don't see the size or heat output you require please call our sales team, as we can almost always find a radiator to suit your needs.

Classic Raw Column Radiators
No. of Columns
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Watts (DT60C)
  • Price: 248.18
  • Price: 330.91
  • Price: 454.99
  • Price: 259.49
  • Price: 339.32
  • Price: 419.16
  • Price: 518.96
  • Price: 269.72
  • Price: 352.72
  • Price: 435.71
  • Price: 539.45
  • Price: 343.04
  • Price: 457.39
  • Price: 628.92
  • Price: 294.67
  • Price: 385.33
  • Price: 476.00
  • Price: 589.33
  • Price: 296.39
  • Price: 387.59
  • Price: 478.79
  • Price: 592.79