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Carron Paint Finishes

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Please view the available colours & finishes below. Choose to have a colour / special finish using the dropdown above, and our helpful sales team will be in touch after your purchase to confirm your colour or special finish choice(s).

Learn More About Carron Cast Iron Radiators

Carron have brought a new level to cast iron radiators, with an extensive new range of cast iron moulds. They produce the finest cast iron radiators both new and traditional in style.

When ordering a Carron radiator you can choose from a series of example finishes or even specify your own colour.

If at any point you have any questions or are unsure of anything you can contact us direct on 02393 162 169 and speak to one of our cast iron experts.

Paint Finishes

  • primer Primer Finish
    Primer Finish

    A primer finish is a protective layer that cast iron radiators are coated with at the time of manufacuter.
    Different manufacturers use different colour primers but dark, light and neutral are the most popular choices.
    The primer layer not only protects the radiators from oxidisation but provide a good surface to subsequent paints to bond to.
    While not common place some people do leave radiators in their primer finishes once installed.
    Carron radiators are finished in a neutral primer as standard (pictured).

  • Metallic Metallic Finishes
    You offer metallic finishes, what are they?

    Carron are able to manufacture their radiators in a plethora of special, metallic finishes. These colour choices have been carefully selected to meet our customers needs. Ranging from neutral beiges and browns, to striking golds and subtle greys; we're confident that one of Carrons metallic choices will be ideal for your bespoke cast iron radiator.

    Click the images below to view full radiators

  • Metallic Farrow & Ball Heritage
    What exactly is a Farrow & Ball finish?

    Farrow & Ball are a British manufacturer of paints largely based upon historic colour palettes and archives. This collection of established paint colours is perfect for the home-owner looking to match the aesthetic of their radiator to their decor, or alternatively, looking to provide a stark contrast.

    Click the images below to view full radiators

  • standard Standard Paint Colours
    What paint colours can I choose from?
    Standard Colours

    Carron supply a few of their favourite finishes below which include some textured finishes (please note these finishes can be achieved on any radiator style, not just the example style shown). We have selected 11 great finishes for you to choose from, these are part of our standard finish collection. To order, simply select "Standard paint finish" above and add to cart. We will contact you to confirm your colour choice

    Click the images below to view full radiators

  • Ral RAL Colours / Custom Colour
    RAL Paint Finishes

    You can choose any RAL paint finish you desire. When ordering a RAL paint finish option we will contact you to confirm your RAL choice.
    Please be aware that metallic and pearl RAL colours are very hard to depict on a monitor or in print, you should obtain an accurate paint sample of any RAL finish you intend to use.

    We have picked some of the more popular RAL colours below for your convenience, to view the entire RAL colour chart, please click "View Full RAL Colour Chart" below.

  • Antiqued Highlight Finish
    You offer "Highlight" finishes, what are they?

    Carron offer a highlight polish finish. This is a standard black paint finish on a radiator where selected parts (usually the patterned area on ornate radiators) have been polished to a bright finish. The Chelsea style radiator is a good example of a patterned radiators, the Eton style is a good example of a non-patterned radiator. Below are a few examples to show off the highlight finish.

    Click the images below to view full radiators

  • Antiqued Burnished Finish
    What exactly is a hand burnished finish?

    This finish, also know as a polished finish, means that rather than having a painted finish the radiator is polished/burnished back to bare metal. It is a clever way to add contrast to finely detailed radiators by accentuating raised sections with a brighter polish. This does mean that it will require regular oiling to maintain a rust free look. Below are some images to represent a polished finish.

    Click the images below to view full radiators

  • Antiqued Antiqued Finish
    You offer an antique paint finish, what is that?

    The special antique service is a dual paint finish. Its effect is more noticeable on radiators with an ornate style, although it still provides a subtle effect on the plainer styles. The effect is achieved by applying a base colour to the radiator which is allowed to cure; a secondary coat is applied, normally in a dark or light colour, and then this is washed off. The resulting finish has a strong presence of the base colour and parts where there are deeper crevices have stronger hints of the secondary colour. Below are some example images of an antique finish.

    Click the images below to view full radiators

    I heard that hand burnished radiators can rust, what do I need to do to prevent this?

    As the iron is exposed on a hand burnished radiator they need regular (Monthly) oiling to maintain a rust free look. Oiling is as simple as using a soft dry cloth to lightly sprayed oil (Duck or 3 in 1) on the exposed areas. It is important to use a soft cloth here as anything abrasive will dull your polished finish. It is essential that the cloth be dry as additional moisture on the radiator will encourage rusting. If your radiator does get rusty use fine wire wool or scotch-brite, and ensure a lubricant is used such as 3 in 1 or Duck oil.

  • Antiqued Lacquered Finish
    What exactly is a Lacquer finish?

    A Lacquer finish is a protective coating given to a polished radiator. Left unlacquered and untreated, a cast iron radiator will rust over time. Carrons selection of lacquers are available in several, attractive colour choices - for when you need to make a "wow" statement! Due to the hand-polishing of the radiator, and the high-quality lacquer top coat, these radiators may take longer to be manufactured and delivered.

    Click the images below to view full radiators

What is a joining key and will I need one?

Joining keys are required if the overall radiator length would overhang a standard pallet. In this case the radiator will be built into smaller, more manageable segements that will fit on a pallet.

The joining key can be used to join these smaller segments into the overall radiator. All required parts for joining will be supplied, such as caps, bushes and gaskets. We advise that joining radiators, where required, is carried out by a qualified installer.

Carron supply a non-refundable joining key for their radiators. Please be aware that different radiators require different keys. When ordering a radiator, we will offer you the option of a joining key if it is required. We will ensure you do not order more joining keys than are required.