Radiator Search By Number Of Columns

As well as style, column radiators offer versatility by virtue of the extensive range of sizes they can be supplied in. So whatever the space you need to heat, we should be able to offer a radiator to suit your needs. Along with a huge selection of heights ranging from 300mm to 3m high, we offer column radiators in a variety of depths from the wall they are to be fixed against. The more depth the radiator has, the more columns it has which means it will give a higher heat output.

Some examples of where customers often have difficulty in finding radiators to fit into the space available would be...

  • Conservatories or Orangeries - where there are large amounts glass on the walls and even the ceilings. Here we will often supply a low level column radiator that is 300mm or 400mm high, these may be as shallow as 3 columns deep, but supplied in long lengths or if length is restricted we might supply a shorter radiator that could be up to 6 columns deep.
  • Bi-fold Doors - often take up large parts of a modern rear extension, leaving just narrow returns where a radiator can be installed. Here we often deploy tall column radiators to obtain the correct heat requirement for these large open plan extensions. Often a 2m or 2.4m column rad will be used in such an installation, but if the roof height allows we can go all the way to 3m tall with our radiators.
  • Narrow Hallways - are a more common challenge where we will normally recommend a shallow 2 column radiator, that enables easy access and doors to open fully.

Our 3 column radiators are by far the most popular depth of radiator, but if you need additional heat or better access, we can certainly help you find a radiator that will tick all the boxes. This section of our website allows you to easily find and compare radiators that suit your needs but we also have a friendly and helpful team of radiators experts that can help you find the best radiator for each of your rooms, however challenging.