Rads 2 Rails

Rads 2 Rails is a division of MHS Radiators Limited, an industry leader in high-quality radiators. Founded as a family business, they provide practical but impressive radiators. Made in Italy by experts, their Fitzrovia column radiators come with a 5-year warranty as standard.

The impressive Fitzrovia range is available in both horizontal and vertical orientations. We offer a large selection of sizes, so you can create the perfect radiator for your room. Choose from 2, 3, or 4 columns, to suit your heat and space requirements. With a slim depth of just 98mm from the wall to the front of the radiator, the 2 column option is ideal for fitting in narrow areas such as entryways. The 3 column Fitzrovia is the most popular depth, but if you require maximum heat output, the 4 column option is better for larger rooms. The Fitzrovia radiator is available in a classic white finish or a popular metallic anthracite grey, versatile and suitable for many colour schemes.

The Rads 2 Rails Fitzrovia Column Radiator can be matched to both traditional and modern homes, when paired with our range of radiator valves and accessories.