Fitzrovia Anthracite Column Radiators

Anthracite grey is now a highly desirable colour in modern architecture, with muted colours and grey interior design becoming very popular. They also blend in with many decorative themes, including monochrome, and bright, contemporary design. The metallic grey of the Rads 2 Rails Fitzrovia Anthracite column radiator looks fantastic against a range of colour schemes.

The Rads 2 Rails Fitzrovia is built by experts in Italy, with a variety of options to choose from to create your perfect radiator. With so many sizes available, the Fitzrovia can be customised to heat almost any sized room. Choose from 2, 3, or 4 columns, depending on your heating requirements. The 2 column option has a slim depth, ideal for narrow areas such as hallways. For bigger rooms, the 4 column option has an increased heat output for larger spaces. The Fitzrovia comes with a 5-year warranty as standard, and can be delivered in just 2-3 working days.

Using our range of radiator valves and accessories, the Rads 2 Rails Fitzrovia Column Radiator can be customised for both modern and traditional homes.

No. of Columns
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Watts (DT50C)
  • Price: 312.36
  • Price: 400.68
  • Price: 316.62
  • Price: 406.92
  • Price: 322.86
  • Price: 576.78
  • Price: 324.00
  • Price: 426.06
  • Price: 528.06
  • Price: 637.62
  • Price: 329.28
  • Price: 441.78
  • Price: 543.96
  • Price: 655.68
  • Price: 453.60
  • Price: 810.72
  • Price: 376.14
  • Price: 498.42
  • Price: 617.52
  • Price: 368.58
  • Price: 486.36
  • Price: 602.22