Two Column Radiators

The number of columns relates to the quantity of vertical tubes that make up each section of radiator when viewed end-on, in turn this determines the depth of the radiator from the wall. The over-all heat output is determined by the number of columns, by the height of the radiator section and by the number of sections joined together (the number of sections give the radiator’s width).

These 2-column radiators are the shallowest in the range and also offer the lowest heat output, although for the size of their footprint the heat output is higher than other types of radiator of a similar size - the key is the increased surface area created by the columns and sections.

Where would you use a two column radiator?

Due to their size, these radiators are perfectly suited for small rooms, rooms that do not need a lot of heating or rooms where space is at a premium, for example cloakrooms, small bathrooms, porches or single bedrooms.

Bear in mind, if you want the shallow profile of a 2-column radiator in a larger room, or higher output is needed, the low-heat output (compared to deeper radiators with more columns) can be compensated for by making the radiator longer (adding more sections) , employing taller columns or using more than one radiator in the room - which is also good for heat distribution and comfort. This is one of the key points of our column radiators - they are very versatile and can be ordered to fit most rooms / spaces.

What Colour can I have?

Our classic two-column radiators come in white only, our Peta radiators come in over 50 different finishes.

We suggest you consider the colour very carefully before you purchase any radiator, painting these radiators is a job best left to us! We do not recommend retrospectively putting the radiator through a ‘hot paint’ process post-manufacture (the ‘hot paint’ process is how the radiator is coloured during manufacture using powder-coating or spray paint - this is the recommended colouring process). If coloured in this way, after sections are joined, it could cause the radiator to leak. As the professionals we are best placed to colour your radiators, giving you the best possible finish and peace of mind.

It may be possible to paint the radiator yourself but you need to be careful and choose the right kind of high temperature paint. We do not recommend this method either as it is difficult to get a good finish with paint available to the general public - after buying a quality, well designed radiator it would be a shame to ruin it with a poor DIY paint job.

It is also important who you buy your radiator from because the finishes that some other retailers use on their radiators shorten their longevity. For this reason we are very picky about which manufacturers we use and insist that the radiators are coloured as part of the manufacturing process. This is the only way to ensure the quality of the radiator is not compromised.

What are the differences between the ‘Classic two column radiator’ and the ‘Peta Double Quick two column radiator’ above?

Classic Peta Double Quick
Warranty (years) 15 5
Depth (back to face) 2 columns (66mm) 2 columns (66mm)
Projection (from wall) 100mm 101mm
Widths Available 210mm - 1406mm * 161mm - 1826mm *
Heights Available 500mm - 2000mm * 592mm - 1792mm *
Colours White Only 50 colours available
Built in... Italy Britain
Delivery Free next day delivery ** Free delivery ***
Alignment Options Horizontal & Vertical Horizontal & Vertical
Key -

*This is the minimum and maximum dimensions across the whole range. Some of the individual products in the range have different minimum and maximum dimensions.

** Free next day delivery - If ordered by 1pm Monday to Thursday on orders over £100 inc VAT. Next day delivery not available on weekends.

*** Free delivery - On orders over £100 in VAT. White radiators are delivered within 2 - 5 working days. Coloured radiators are delivered within 15 days.
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